Jerry The Cook

How I became a cook!


Hi guys,

So in 2004 I committed my crime. I spent around 9 years in prison and was so happy to get out of prison. I could finally see my family and start living a more productive life. However when I got out I learned real fast that people do not like sex offenders. Not only in prison do they hate them, they also hate them out on the streets. No one would hire me, or so I thought. Then one day I got it in my head that this thing was not going to beat me down. So I put on my best cloths and went to every store in town and talked to all the business owners. I said this to them “Please listen, I need a job right now is there anything I can do for you, Even if it’s just a one time thing. I really need money bad.” It took a few tries but I got a job washing dishes. It did not pay the greatest but I was so happy to have that job. I worked at the job for a while and they let me become a cook. I was so happy. Now I make $12 an hour cooking for a small restaurant. It may not be a million dollars but it’s still something great.

– Jerry B.


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