College Options For Sex Offenders

What College Degrees Can A Sex Offender Get?


Well there really not to many things limiting the different degrees you can get. Aside from a few laws preventing you to get medical or psychological degrees. However the real question should be “who will hire me?” With this question in mind you can make sure you don’t waste your time on a worthless degree.



How do I know what college degree right is for me?


Well its simple really. Degrees that are not involving children or society in general. Unless of course you are going to work for yourself. Some good degrees are CIS (computer information systems) degrees. This is because you can get a job that pays well without the company worrying about you getting to close to others. However it should be noted that getting a network administrator job could be challenging. Only because you would sometimes have to deal with others employees. Some other great CIS jobs would be “cloud architect” or something of that nature. Not to mention a CEH (certified ethical hacker) job might be right up your ally. They expect you to have a criminal history. Video game design and graphic arts are also good. So is web design. All of which you can do.

If you are looking for something a little different try an engineering field. I say this because there is a high likelihood that you may end up working for a factory of some sort. Now this is not a bad thing! You won’t be a low level factory worker. You could be a robotics engineer. Maybe you design the robots that put on car doors? If that does not work try becoming and electrical engineer. They make good money. So do alternative energy engineers.

Well maybe those are not what you are looking for. Either way the most important thing to remember is that you want a degree where you are not around the public to much. Nothing to high security either.  However your options are far from limited. Just keep that in mind and you will be fine.



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