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Can Sex Offenders Get SSDI?

Sex Offenders Can Get SSDI

You may qualify for disability. When you are unable to work because of something that holds you back you may qualify for SSDI. Who knows you may just have an underlying mental condition such a bi-polar or some other learning disability. Many sex offenders that I know are on disability and there is a chance you might qualify for it. If you have a mental health provider check with then and see if they are eligible for it. Also if you have a physical disability this could help play a factor. Do you have bad lower back pain? A lot of people have really bad lower back pain and never even think to try to get on disability for it. We have also heard of sex offenders getting on disability because they were legally disabled because no one would hire them. Their crimes are too horrific and no one would give them a chance. This is something that should be looked into but only after you have tried everything!  Remember to never try to con the system it will come back to bite you. If you are truly disabled then yes go for it.

We would also like to mention that if you cannot afford to see a doctor for your potential disorder there is help available. You can apply for help from your state. They will pay for it considering you have no income to afford it. Use these government programs as much as you can.

Also if you can’t find a job go to college. If you have no income the government can usually pay for all of it. If not you can take out student loans. There are options out there for you. Never give up.

Here is a link to check and see if you qualify




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