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Filling Out Applications




One of the many concerns of a sex offender is “where do I apply?” Well there is a very easy to understand short answer for this one. EVERYWHERE! You must apply everywhere that does not violate any sex offender law or stipulation of your release. This literally means every single store, restaurant, factory and whatever else you can think off. In doing this you will open up as many options as possible. Who cares if you are shoveling manure at a farm. Its a job and having a job is better then no job.

A lot of the time, sex offenders complain about not being able to get a job because they do not have the skills or experience needed to perform the task. Don’t fall into that negative trap. You can always learn if you are motivated enough. So even if they company says they need “this amount” of experience, apply anyways. You just may get an interview and a chance to wow your interviewer with your excitement to work in their company. That’s what happened to me and it can happen for you too.

While you are on your search you should keep a written down record of where you applied and the date. This will help you later on when you call them to check and see if they want to interview you. Companies are very impressed by a person who keeps these records. It shows how serious you are about finding employment. A lot of people do not do this so you may just stand out a little more.






  1. A state id or driver’s license
  2. Your birth certificate
  3. Your Social Security Card


Bringing these things with you on your job search will help you out a lot if they want to give you an interview right there on the spot. Most people don’t realize this, but an employer who sees you prepared will more than likely hire you based on just that. If they need you that day and you have all the necessary information you can start right then! This has happened to many of the sex offenders we have talked to. Just imagine if you were walking around filling out applications and that opportunity knocks on your door and you can’t answer it because you weren’t prepared. So be prepared and if that happens you will be ready.


If this article has helped you out in anyway please share this on your social media accounts or email it to other sex offenders that you may know. Together we can put an end to sex offender unemployment.



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