Rick The Bartender

I Can’t Believe That I Can Do The Job I Love Again!


What’s up guys?

Back before going to prison I was a bartender. I used to make a killing off all of the people that came in and I was there almost every night. if I was not working I was drinking. People loved me and I loved the people. This was the case up until I started dating this new girl that was coming to our bar. Man was she hot too. All the guys wanted her and I had her to myself. We dated for around a month before I found out she had a boyfriend the whole time. I was so mad because I really liked her. I felt so betrayed. Once I found out I stopped talking to her altogether. Cold turkey and all. She kept blowing up my phone over and over again. I finally answered and it was her boyfriend on the phone saying he was going to kick my ass for raping her. This crazy chick said I raped her because she was mad that I stopped talking to her. Before I know it the cops come to the bar and bring me in for questioning. They go on and on about how yeah we know you were friends and you were not dating her. She trusted you and you raped her. Then you stop talking to her because you feel guilty. I was so mad at this girl and told the cop to F off. They let me go and I went back to work. I thought everything was cool until one night they take me to jail on a class A rape felony. I could not believe this garbage. I was so nice to everyone and stopped so many fights and just tried to be a peace maker and then this crazy girl comes in to ruin my life. I was so mad. Then when I was in jail I told a few people about my case and they said I better just take a plea because I will get 25 years to life if I am convicted. So I did just that and spent 5 years in prison for a crime I did not commit. What made things horrible was when I got out every employer was scared that I was going to rape someone or something bad. I tried to go back to the bar and I got a mixed review from the people. Half of the people I knew stopped drinking or moved on with life and the other half were convinced that girl was raped by me. I was at a loss. I had no skills other than bar tending. Then an old friend of mine stopped over. He was gay and went to a bar regularly. I decided I would go with him because he was a good friend of mine a long time ago. He told my story to the people at the bar and they felt so bad for me. The owner was sitting next to us and started crying. He said the same thing had happened to his son. Some girl he dated cried rape on him because she was mad. He was still in prison. He had been there for 17 years. Then he told me all about his life and how he thinks that people should just be more caring and not use the system to get back at people. I then explained how lost I was and how bad I needed a job. He let me serve beer all night that night and I thanked him. We became really good friends and now he lets me take over the bar when he’s busy or just wants a night off. What’s even better is that now I have a bunch of supporting friends that are there for me. Not one person has said anything bad to me and everyone seems to really care about each other. I could not be happier now.


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