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Larry The Plumber

I guess I was just lucky!



When I got out of prison I did not even have the chance to get a job. My family wanted me to just hang out around the house for a few months so I could get used to things again. It was a good idea. In return they wanted me to just fix things here and there. Which I had no problem with because it’s not every day you get to do fun things like this in prison. So the day came when something broke that I did not want to fix. The toilet. It stunk! Crap was everywhere and I just did not know what to do. Someone called a plumber. I don’t know who did that. It was probably me ha-ha. Well they came over to our mess of a bathroom. While they were working I wanted to help them because it’s just what I was told to do. They said they had it under control but I insisted and they let me help. I was catching on pretty fast and they liked the way I worked. Someone quit that morning and they were understaffed so they asked me if I needed a job. I said yes and now I fix drains and do all sorts of plumbing. It’s a good paying job. Well that is my story I hope it helps someone out.




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