Jason The Painter

I Paint Houses



So my story goes like this. Back in 2008 I was convicted of having sex with a minor. I spent 10 months in jail and got back to the world. However this time no one wanted to hire me. My friends all left me and the girlfriend I had was nowhere to be found. I was all alone. What made matters worse was I did not even have enough cash to pay for my court cost either. So I walked around every day for about a month looking for jobs and filling out applications. No one ever even called. Then one day I was walking around looking for jobs and I stopped by a gas station and seen people painting the outside of it. I asked them if I could help out and they said yes. I finished the job for them and then they hired me on the spot. I guess my work was really good. It was my first time too. So now they have me painting houses about 4 days a week. Its good money too. $10 an hour cash. Sometimes I get 50 hours. It pays my bills.


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