Looking Good For A Job Interview



The key here is how you present myself as a mature, honest and hardworking adult. A lot of sex offenders have pulled this trick off and most of them all dressed very similar with a conservative style. This is half the reason why some sex offenders get jobs and others do not. Now when you are at an interview you should stand out from all the others waiting around for their interview. You have to look like you are truly capable of bringing the company the most money. It’s an instant impression that makes them curious about you and what you can offer.



What we have determined and researched to be the best choice of cloths to wear is a very conservative approach. What has worked best for most offenders and many others is a simple solid color long sleeve button up shirt tucked into a pair of dark blue denim straight leg jeans and a pair of polished leather dress shoes. Just makes sure the jeans are not ripped or pre faded. Remember fit is everything so try to make the shirt and pants fit very close to your body but not smothering you. Do not wear anything too baggy or too tight. Unless you have a muscular body do not wear a super tight button up shirt. You want to look dressed up not casual or overly sexual.



Having a nice hair cut with a clean shaved face will go a long way. It says “Hey I take pride in my appearance and this also means I will take pride in the appearance of the company that I work for.” If you absolutely refuse to get a haircut at least put it back in a ponytail. If you won’t shave your beard, trim it up, comb it, or whatever you have to do to make it look groomed and clean. You want your employee to think you care about the job. Coming in all messy will make them think this job means nothing to you.



Nothing is more offensive to a person interviewing you then having bad breath. It is something that puts people off and really makes them disgusted. Before you go into your interview or while you are filling out job applications brush, floss and use mouthwash. Leave nothing to chance on this one you want people talking to you not trying to avoid your bad breath!



Ok. So you took a shower got super clean put on deodorant and now are ready to go! At this point you should be smelling really good right? Well, why not up it a notch? Use a single squirt of cologne on your neck. If you can’t afford cologne and you are close to the mall or retail store that sells some try a free sample it can only help. Smelling good will also make you look cleaner. Little details like this make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a job.


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